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with andrea & jeremie

We have two very special opportunities for you to join our personal community. Our availability is limited but we believe in your success! You are totally worth it!

Weekly Accountability Check In

 Need a gentle reminder to keep on track?  Subscribe to our weekly accountability check in and we will shoot you a quick text!

We have seen people succeed when they "agree to be reminded".  As a member of Naughty Squirrel Academy, you can also connect in our group, and find partners to thrive with!

$25 per month

1 on 1 Empowerment Coaching

Our greatest joy is seeing you thrive. Sometimes you need a little one-on-one (or two) for your commitments to stick.

We have 3 coaching slots open where you can work with either or both of us, depending on your preference.

$3450 per
3 month session

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